domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Security Cameras

Places that get hit a number of times may install security measures, such as cameras. Don't let this deter you. As long as you are well covered, the best they can do is give them a general height of the people involved, which doesn't mean much. What they actually do for establishment is the opposite of what they are intended. Instead of protecting them, it gives you something else to break. Security cameras are expensive, and not all that hard to destroy. Aside from open cameras, look for boxes or spheres, which sometimes house cameras. They are generally up high, around ten feet up. Flood light systems are another thing you might see pop up. If you want to hit the place again but you're not to fond of all the light, try a slingshot to take them out of commission. Just remember that if they do install a security system, that means money out of their pocket, which is what you wanted anyway. It also means you're being effective, so keep it up. Just be careful not to hit the same place too often or they'll be waiting for you.

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