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What can you do to help?

Know the facts. Read animal rights books and other literature. Visit animal rights websites. Join an animal rights organization. The more you know, the more you can spread the word.

Go vegetarian or vegan. By doing so, you will be directly saving
animal lives. The more people eat meat, the more animals are killed so that people eat them. The only motive for killing animals for food is profit. Do not fund animal cruelty.

Boycott activities and products that involve animal cruelty. Let the organizations or companies know that you are boycotting them because
you are against animal cruelty.

Write letters to the press about animal rights. Be clear, concise and factual. But please note that exaggeration will not help the animal protection cause. Unfortunately there is enough animal cruelty around without having to "invent" or exaggerate cruelty. Once exaggerated claims are discovered, you will lose credibility. Always
quote the source if you are quoting information from other people or organizations. If what you write is only your opinion, let it be known.

Join an animal protection organization which helps abandoned animals. Do voluntary work with an animal welfare organization. Give a donation. If you have the time and resources, adopt an abandoned animal.

Take an active part in animal protection activities, protests and demonstrations. Show everyone you care.

Lobby politicians to legislate and provide an animal-friendly environment. Write directly to politicians and/or write letters to the press giving suggestions, complaints, and where due, praise. Politicians are elected by our votes. They have the duty to listen. Use your vote wisely. Cross vote (vote for candidates from different parties), but make sure you vote only for politicians who care and work for animal rights. Do not vote for politicians who support, practice or do not care about animal cruelty. By cross-voting, you will make it possible that candidates who care about animals get elected, making it possible to have an animal-caring parliament.

Report acts of animal cruelty to the police (there is a link to their website on the index page). Follow the case to see if anything is done about your report. It would also be helpful to write about the cruelty to the press, but if you mention names, make sure you have proof.

Let others know about Animal Rights.

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